I am a Social Worker an am interested in various things.
Media, Communication and Web 3.0 are my hobbies.

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  • Welcome to ADHme… soon-ish…

    Welcome to ADHme… soon-ish…

    As a person living with ADHD, I am always driven to do “something” that lets my brain have a dopamine rush 🙂 Right now, that’s making an app for people with ADHD. With the help of ChatGPT and my rudimentary knowledge of Swift and XCode I’m building ADHme, an app for people living with ADHD…

  • Download my Upcoming Posts Shortcode

    Download my Upcoming Posts Shortcode

    For one of my projects, I was looking for a WordPress Plugin that shows the next planned posts in a widget. The one Plugin in the WP Repository seemd too „strong“ to me, I wanted something more minimalistic. So, I did my own minimalistic Plugin. 

  • Mit QueerUp Radio Live von der Bern Pride

    Mit QueerUp Radio Live von der Bern Pride

    Gestern, am 29. Juli 2023, durfte ich endlich mal wieder hinters Moderationsmik sitzen. QueerUp Radio, die Sendung die ich zwischen 2011 und 2021 mitmoderieren durfte, sendete LIVE vom Bundesplatz, wo die Bern Pride stattfand. Es war ein unglaublich tolles Erlebnis und ich hatte total viel Spass.

Current projects

hab queer bern

I am part of the communications group and in this role I am responsible for the newsletter and the website.

klipp + klang

I am a course instructor and in this role I teach children and young people how to make radio.

Queer Media Network

The QMN will become a place where my passion and the passion of other queers flourish.

Back in the day…


  • HAZ-Magazine (2020-2023) – editor-in-chief for the magazine of HAZ queer zurich. My tasks consisted, among other things, in the main responsibility for the entire magazine from the concept to the printing, the management of the honorary editorial team and writing my own articles.
  • LikeEveryone (2021) – video project for the city of Bern. The aim was to show queer ways of life.
  • QueerUp Radio / GAYRADIO (2011 – 2021) – Queer radio in Bern and Zug. Moderation, editing and briefly also co-broadcast management. In addition, I was jointly responsible for the relaunch under a new name (from GAYRADIO to QueerUp Radio) and managed the website in addition to logos and jingles. And I have produced various videos for the YouTube channel.
  • Guest on Jahn‘s rollende Welt (2020)
  • ROCCO (2017) – Camera on the short film about a hustler by Wuddri Rim. My first engagement as a cameraman. There is a making of of it.
  • It Gets Better Switzerland (2011 – 2020) – A video project with coming-out stories, based on the American model and later also an official offshoot. My job was first as chairman of the board and then as creative director.


  • QueerDigest (2022) – Ein wöchentlicher Newsletter mit queeren Inhalten. (Abgelösst durch hab Newsletter)
  • Pink Panorama Talk (2021) – Im Rahmen des 20-jährigen Jubiläums des queeren Filmfestivals in Luzern wurde ich angefragt, mit den beiden Gründungsmitgliedern ein Gespräch zu Highlights des Festivals zu führen.
  • Queersicht Teaser (2019) – Teaser für die Ausgabe 2019 des queeren Filmfestivals in Bern.
  • Pink Cross Promo (2019) – Promovideo über die Dachorganisation der schwulen und bi- Männer Pink Cross. Aufgenommen über 2 Jahre.
  • True Men Show (2018) – Podcast zu Männlichkeit mit dem wunderbaren Chris. Eine Folge wurde produziert.
  • Schuldkolade (2019) – Beitrag für den ZFF 72 Wettbewerb 2018, Thema „Guilty“. Von und/oder mit Sabina Kukuk, Chris Völkle, Jasmin Sekulovsky, Sebstian Knopp, Wuddri Rim und mir.
  • QueerUp Blog (2005 – 2011) – Ein Blog über queere Themen, zusammen mit LondonJames Zurich.
  • LesBiSchwul Zug (2004 – 2011) – Queerer Treff in Zug
  • next generation (2005 – 2007) – Queere Jugendgruppe in Zug